.: What are Futons?

Space-Saving futons make any room bigger
Sofa by day, bed by night - versatile and functional futon (foo-tahn) sofa-sleepers are ideal in that extra room for overnight guests, or as a primary sofa or bed anywhere in your home. Comfort, simplicity and space-saving efficiency are qualities that appeal to young and old alike.

Simple frames convert effortlessly
Futon frames use no complicated mechanisms like traditional sleepers, and change from sofa to bed with ease. Some can also be made into a chaise lounge. Available in many different styles from traditional to contemporary, futon frames also come in a variety of materials and finishes such as hardwoods, exotic woods and high-tech metals. Accessories such as tables, screens and lamps create beautiful rooms.

Your best and healthiest night's sleep
Futon mattresses offer unmatched comfort. Unlike traditional mattress/boxspring combinations, futons are most often made from layers of cotton batting or a combination of cotton and foam, wool, and/or innersprings, are available in standard mattress sizes from twin to king size.

The ideal sleeping surface, cotton conforms evenly to the body, providing firm support while allowing the spine to rest in its most natural position. Plus, the cotton fibers allow your skin to breathe. More and more chiropractors and orthopedists recommend futons for their healthful attributes, especially to people with back problems. And unlike many sofa beds, they're as comfortable for sitting or lounging as they are for sleeping.                                                      

The futon switch is on
Millions of people who originally bought a futon for a spare room or sofa discovered just how comfortable they are - and have switched from traditional mattresses and waterbeds to futons for their primary sleeping surface.

Protective covers make redecorating easy
Decorative futon covers slip over and protect your futon mattress, and can be easily removed and washed or dry cleaned. Prints, solids and hand-painted designs are available in a variety of durable fabrics. Redecorating has never been so easy or economical - simply change the inexpensive cover for whole new look.

Quality unfolds at an affordable price
A quality-made, durable futon is an excellent value - it's considerable less expensive than a standard mattress or convertible sofa, and is available in a range of styles to fit any budget.


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